Why Rent-to-Own from 5 Star Rental Purchase ?

There are many reasons to rent-to-own your next appliance, television, computer, electronic device or furniture. With no credit hassle, free delivery and set up, and convenient terms,  5 Star Rental Purchase makes it easy for you to get what you want today!

Rent-to-own offers several advantages over cash or credit card purchase.

Benefit  Rent-to-Own  Cash  Credit
– Brand Name Products  X  X  X
– Penalty-Free Returns  X    
– Free Delivery and Set-Up  X    
– Try Before You Buy  X    
– Flexible Payment Terms  X    
– No Debt Obligation  X  X  
– Won’t Affect Credit Rating
 X  X  
– Free Repairs  X    
– Upgrade to Newest Technology  X    

For furniture rentals, computer rentals or TV rentals, now you can have what you want, today at 5 Star Rental Purchase. We make it easy for you to rent-to-own with no credit hassle.


No Credit Hassle

Even if you have no credit, or have had some credit problems in the past, that’s not a problem at 5 Star Rental Purchase. We will just need to verify a permanent home address, and that you have income. It’s just that easy.


Rent Short-Term or Long-Term

Need a television for a couple of months? How about a computer for a semester at school? Or do you want to own your own furniture? We make it easy for you by allowing you to return your rental at any time with no penalty.


Free Delivery and Setup

We’ll deliver whatever you rent from 5 Star Rental Purchase directly to your home or apartment—for free! And we’ll set up your television, furniture, electronics, computer or appliance so you are ready to enjoy it the moment we walk out the door!


Rent by the Week or Month

You can rent by the week or by the month at 5 Star Rental Purchase. We want to make it easy for you to make payments. Let us help you get the television, appliance, furniture, electronics or computer you want today.


Lifetime Reinstatement

If you rent it you can return it at any time. If you later want to reclaim the merchandise, you can reactivate the lease with a comparable product starting from the same point in the rental purchase cycle.




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