Spruce Up Your Home On A Budget

Decorate Your Home AffordablySpruce Up Your Living Room Affordably

A good thing to remember is that any home is always going to be a work in progress. Decorating and redoing or adding items to your home to make rooms stand out doesn’t always have to be expensive. Spruce up your home on a budget with these affordable ideas from 5 Star Rental Purchase.

Go DIY To Spruce Up Your Home On A Budget

Are you thinking about including an interesting new painting or some inventive accents to your furniture? If you want to do this, it doesn’t mean you need to bring in an expensive designer or specialist. Attempt these fun ideas listed below on your own or make a family crafts night out of it!

  • Do you need a place to organize all of your keys or a place to put your mail? Instead of using boring hooks to keep everything organized, create a post box! You can paint it however you’d like and you’ll have a unique piece by your door that is sure to spruce up your entryway.
  • Create a side table with repurposed wood. Skip painting it and go for a weathered look if that matches the decor of the rest of the room. This project is simple and easy and best of all, you’re recycling too! Add some flowers or a decorative item to the top of the side table to help it stand out.
  • Do you have any leftover paint laying around your house collecting dust? Make it useful and paint the frame of an old chair with it. This is even better if the paint is a bright color so it will stand out against the rest of the furniture in the room.

Change your lighting

Changing your lighting and utilizing floor lights and table lights to make more dramatic or softer lighting. Great lighting can change the entire feel of a room. With a warm and welcoming glow, your rent-to-own furniture will look even better.

Don’t Forget The Furniture

Rearange your furniture to make the room look new again. By doing this you’ll be forced to think in a difference perspective and this will give you a chance to see if anything is missing or if there is room to add a major piece to the room. Don’t be afraid to redesign a room completely either!

Take pictures

Take pictures to get a thought of how your space looks “all things considered”. It’s best to get a feeling of your space from an alternate point of view, and taking pictures is an incredible way to do it.

While it’s the seemingly insignificant details that make a space feel complete and put together, you may likewise need some of the “big” things like adding more furniture. Luckily, 5 Star Rental Purchase has the name-brand furniture you desire without breaking the bank. Click to view our locations and to find the one nearest you. Together, we can make your house a home.

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