Reasons Why You Should Rent-to-own A Smartphone

Rent-to-Own a Smartphone

Staying Up to Date

Technology changes daily, which means you can buy a product one day and it’s obsolete a few weeks later.  When you rent-to-own a smartphone, you have the option to trade your current rented phone in at any time in order to upgrade to the newest phone out there.  This is one of the main reasons why you should rent-to-own a smartphone rather than outright.  You can lease a car or a place to live or even furniture, so why not a cellphone.

Advantages of Rent-to-Own a Smartphone

Smartphones can be expensive, hundreds of dollars even.  By renting, you’re making one low weekly or monthly payment, rather than having to shell out all of your cash at once for something that these days, is a necessity.  Leasing a smartphone is relatively low in price compared to buying one outright.  As stated before, leasing a phone can be great for those who want to get the newest device as soon as it comes out.  Leasing a cellphone cuts the commitment to the device in half, so there’s no longer a two-year commitment and no early termination fees.  Technology assurance is a value for consumers.

Why Not Use A Traditional Cell Phone Carrier?

Installment plans are now offered at most major carriers.  So why should you go the rent-to-own route over using a popular cell phone carrier? You can upgrade at any time with rent-to-own, even if you’ve only had the phone a month.  With cell phone carriers, you can upgrade after a select period of time, albeit shorter than the original two-year plans most offered, but you still have to wait to upgrade your phone if a new model just so happens to be announced 2 months after you buy your current one with a traditional cell phone carrier.

So have you decided on which option is the better of the two? Find your nearest 5 Star Rental Purchase location to pick up your new smartphone with absolutely no commitments or contracts today.

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