Plan Now for the Big Football Game

Football Season Isn’t Over Just YetFootball

When it comes to football season, your TV is quite important.  The size of it isn’t all that matters, but also the picture that your screen puts out as well.  New TVs come out and hit the market all the time.  The only problem with this is that the TV that is released for sale today can be obsolete tomorrow.  

Although the big game is a few weeks off,  it’s never too early to begin planning for the event.  Of course, you want to go big, but how can you do so in an affordable manner?  The answer is rent-to-own.  You should talk with your local 5 Star Rental Purchase now and secure your TV set because you’re not the only one who realizes that renting a TV is a great idea.  

Try It Before You Buy It

By renting, you get to ‘try it before you buy it,’ which is a huge advantage because you’re not obligated to buy it at the end.  Just call us to pick it back up whenever you’re done with absolutely no penalty.  So what happens if you fall in love with the TV you rented for the game?  You’re welcome to buy your rented TV outright or continue your lease with us.

Things to Remember

When shopping for your HDTV for the game, it’s important to remember that we have the same large selection of televisions as your big box or electronic stores.  You’re sure to get the TV set you’re wanting by coming into any of our stores.  We’ll also deliver and set up your new TV set for you, which is another reason to plan in advance because then you’ll have plenty of time to schedule the delivery as well as planning where exactly you’d like your new television.

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