Layaway vs Rent-to-Own

layaway vs rent-to-ownLayaway vs Rent-To-Own

Layaway allows purchasers to put a deposit on a product to secure it for later purchase.  With the holiday season coming up, this has been a popular option over the years.  When it comes to layaway vs rent-to-own, the latter offers an even better deal.  Here’s why you should look into rent-to-own over layaway:

  1. You get to take the item home immediately.  With layaway, you usually have to wait to bring the item home.
  2. You have more flexibility in payments.  With layaway, you’re stuck making set payments until the item reaches zero.  Rent-to-own, you have the option to pay 90 days same as cash, or make small weekly payments that are affordable.
  3. You can’t rent-to-own at anytime.  With layaway, the option usually only comes around during the holidays.  This way you have extra time to think about a purchase instead of just diving into it during the hectic holiday season.
  4. You can change your mind with rent-to-own.  So if you decide you no longer need a product purchased or want to upgrade to something better, you’re not stuck with it unlike layaway where the product purchased is yours.
  5. A larger selection is available with rent-to-own unlike layaway where the selection is typically limited.  This way you can be choosy and not have to settle on a product.

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