Rent Electronic Peripherals from 5 Star Rental Purchase

Electronic Peripherals at 5 Star Rental Purchase

At 5 Star Rental Purchase we are constantly adding new electronic merchandise for your rent-to-own convenience and entertainment. Whether you need to rent a powerful new e-reader/tablet like Kindle Fire, an Apple iPod, a digital camera or camcorder, or high tech earphones, you can’t beat 5 Star Rental Purchase service. And, you will appreciate the ability to rent short term or rent-to-buy.

Our low, affordable prices and quality products answer your need for a supplier for electronic rentals that you can trust. With 5 Star there are no credit hassles and you can count on all the great benefits we provide. You owe it to yourself to come in to see all the great rent-to-own values you will find in electronics, computers, furniture, appliances and televisions at 5 Star Rental Purchase.

*Available models and products vary by store inventory.

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