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Layaway vs Rent-to-Own

Layaway vs Rent-To-Own Layaway allows purchasers to put a deposit on a product to secure it for later purchase.  With the holiday season coming up, this has been a popular option over the years.  When it comes to layaway vs rent-to-own, the latter offers an even better deal.  Here’s why you should look into rent-to-own […]

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Why You Should Rent-to-Own Your TV vs Buying Outright

Keeping up with current television trends can be difficult with technology changing every day.  Rent-to-own is a great option for televisions because you can trade your current rented set in for a new one at any time; therefore, you can stay up to date with your technology easily. This article from cnet lists a few […]

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Why Should You Rent-to-Own Your Laptop

Renting to Own Laptop Computers Technology is becoming more and more popular every single day.  Laptops are now commonplace in schools, which likely means your child will probably need a laptop.  A rent-to-own laptop can make it easy to complete homework, do research for a school assignment, access news sites or even access social media […]

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