Child Car Seat Safety Tips

Car Seat SafetyThe Importance of Child Car Seat Safety

Child car seat safety is incredibly important. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: motor vehicle injuries are a leading cause of preventable death among children in the United States. The CDC also reports there are many children who are riding completely unrestrained. If a parent drives unrestrained without a seatbelt, almost 40% of children are also riding unrestrained. This statistic shows parents should be a good example to your child(ren) by always remembering to buckle up too.

Parents should ensure children are properly restrained and safe whilst in the car, but parents should also do the same. Wearing a seatbelt is proven to increase chances of survival in the case you’re involved in a car accident. That fact shows the importance of setting a good example for your child(ren). Children should be taught that he or she should also buckle up every time. This will increase the likelihood that they will keep wearing one once they’re old enough to be driving themselves.

[For more statistics and facts about child passenger safety from the CDC, click here to read more.]

How to Keep Your Children Safe in a Vehicle

We here at 5 Star Rental Purchase know just how much you love your children and how important it is to you to keep them safe–including while riding in a vehicle. This is why we did some research to find some child car seat safety tips to help you keep your child as safe as possible. It is unfortunate, but still possible chance you may end up in a car accident with your child(ren) in the car with you at the time.

Click the link to read this fantastic article from The Car Seat Lady website. This will help for you to ensure your child(ren) are safe and properly/correctly restrained in his or her car seat(s).

We are all family here at 5 Star and we want every single one of our customers who read our blog–or even anyone else who is reading this who happened to stumble upon this post to stay safe and alive for as long as possible. We care about you and your family and we’re so happy you’re here! Also, don’t forget to share this post to your social media. It might help other parents as well as yourself! Lastly, don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook and to also ‘Follow’ our page on Google Plus to be sure you will always stay in-the-know about everything 5 Star.

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