How to Avoid Refrigerator Odor | Part Two

Refrigerator Odor Is The WorstRefrigerator Odor

Refrigerator odor is not only putrid, the smell(s) can leech into your food resulting in a noticable change in your food’s flavor. Now who wants to reach into the fridge to grab their half-finished soda can that was being kept cold until needed as the drink to accompany your dinner only to take a sip and notice it doesn’t have the correct taste. This is a result of an odor in your fridge that has found it’s way into your opened soda can. Gross!

In the second and final part of this two-part blog series, we continue a little further with some more tips, tricks and helpful advice on how to avoid refrigerator odor. If you haven’t yet read part one, you can do so by clicking here.

Check The Evaporator Coil

Typically located on the back wall of the freezer, you’ll find what is called an “evaporator coil.” This coil is responsible for producing the cold air for both the fridge and the freezer. A fan then circulates the cold air throughout the fridge and freezer, keeping your food from getting too warm and spoiling. If you find that even after completely cleaning out your fridge/freezer, you still notice an unpleasant smell, it is possible that the evaporator coil has absorbed the odors you’re trying to get rid of.

To remove the odor the coil has absorbed, just remove it and wash it clean. To do this you’ll need to take out the screws anchoring it to the back panel of your fridge/freezer. From there you’ll need to locate and disconnect the plug for the icemaker and electronic controls. Wash the panel clean after removing it. To clean the coils, use a spray bottle filled with warm soapy water and apply it to the coils. We suggest doing this over a sink to avoid any messes from the dirty water dripping off the coil. Empty and rinse the spray bottle clean and fill with fresh water. Spray the coil with the water to rinse the soapy water away. Before replacing the coil, be sure it’s completely dry.

Take Everything Out

Food absorbs odors and holds onto it. If you’re having trouble with strong odors coming from your fridge, remove everything inside and throw it all out. This is obviously an expensive choice to do, but this way ensures the odor won’t continue to spread. Now that your refrigerator is empty, you can prop the door(s) open to air it out. Unplug the fridge before doing this, or you’ll end up with a costly electricity bill.

Wipe It Down

Although this might be the most labor intensive option, wiping your refrigerator completely clean can do wonders. Be careful of what you use to clean with since it’s not a good idea for strong chemicals to come into contact with your food once you put everything back inside the fridge. There are a lot of great natural cleaners you can mix up at home with items you might already have. If you must use chemical-type cleaners, dilute it with water first before using it in your fridge.


Well there you have it, folks! These are our tips for getting rid of refrigerator odor. We hope they have helped solve your fridge odor problem at home or at work. Do you have any tips for avoiding refrigerator odors? Share them with us on Facebook!


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