4 Appliances That Need Cleaning You Probably Didn’t Think About

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Did you know that your household appliances need to be cleaned once in awhile too? Appliance cleaning is incredibly easy to forget about. It’s easy to remember to wash your clothes, dishes as well as vacuum regularly, but did you know that appliance cleaning is more important that you might have thought? These appliances need to be cleaned out occasionally to function to their best ability? Here are four appliances that need cleaning that you probably haven’t thought about:

Washing Machine

By sanitizing and removing mildew build-up every few months you’ll keep your clothes, bedding, towels and anything else you wash from smelling musty. If your things come out of the wash with a weird smell, it’s time to get down and dirty (actually, it’s easier than you think) and clean out your washing machine. To clean your washing machine, start by running a hot water cycle without a load and add a cup of bleach directly into the machine. Run an empty cycle again after the bleach cycle to be sure all traces of bleach are removed. You don’t want to accidently ruin any of your clothes!

Garbage Disposal

Keep it natural by making a mixture of lemon juice (to eliminate odor,) salt and ice (which act as abrasives to get rid of anything stuck in there.) Next, dump the mixture into the garbage disposal and turn it on. Warning: it will be quite loud, but it’s doing it’s job. Once you can hear all the ice is gone, you’re done! Feel free to repeat the process one more time for good measure.


Are your dishes coming out feeling slimy or do they have pieces of soggy food stuck to them? Well, the cleaner your dishwasher, the cleaner your dishes will be once they come out from the cycle. Take a look at your dishwasher’s filter or food catch. It’s usually located on the inside bottom of the machine. This filter can become clogged with food and debris over time, so it’s important to check it regularly to keep it working at it’s best.


Have you recently had guests over? The increased foot traffic can bring in a higher amount of debris that you’re used to. Of course, you’re going to go and vacuum the mess up, but then you notice your vacuum seems like it’s not doing it’s best and the suction is not on par. Keep your vacuum maintained and functioning at its full potential by checking for clogged hoses, replacing the filter and don’t forget to clean the rotating brush that picks up all the dirt and gunk off your floors.

By keeping your appliances performing their best, give them some regular attention, love and care and they will show you the same love in return by functioning optimally.

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