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Affordable Home UpgradesAre You Ready For An Affordable Home Upgrade?

Are you looking to update a room in your house on a budget? Rent-to-Own furniture can be a great source for an affordable home upgrade. You don’t have to worry about high payments that you’re unable to afford when furniture shopping at 5 Star Rental Purchase. Best of all, at 5 Star, you’re already pre-approved with absolutely no credit check hassle, so you’re also able to save time by avoiding the approval process, which is a typical occurrence when making large purchases.

Make Your House A Home

Make your home yours by designing the way your dream home furniture plan looks like. Take the time to sit down and make a plan for how you want your bedroom, guest room, children’s room(s), living room, etc. to look. If you have no idea where to start or would like some design inspiration, you can start by browsing the furniture selection 5 Star Purchase has to offer either by viewing what’s available online or by visiting the 5 Star location nearest you.

Decor Inspiration

If you host guests in your home often but feel that your guest bedroom could use some good updates, consider the long term benefits of making positive changes to the room. Make your guests feel as much at home as possible by providing a dresser in addition to ample closet space, (if possible,) for your guests to keep clothes and personal items in during his/her/their visit.

Of course, a beautiful bedroom bed set should be at the top of your list to not only ensure a beautiful bedroom that’s pleasing to the eye but also useful as well. Try out one of our bedroom sets to make your guests feel as if he/she/they are in a lovely hotel or bed and breakfast during the stay in your home, however long that may be. Comfortable and nicely arranged furniture are key. 5 Star Rental Purchase can provide you will all the items necessary to accommodate your guests’ needs–keeping your guest room as inviting as possible.

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